Organic Growth on Social Media. Is that possible?

This online project started last summer during lockdown when I along with millions of others, especially makers, realized its time to use social media and such to create awareness we exist. In Germany I was on DaWanda, now owned by Etsy, and I’ve had a tiny Etsy shop for over a decade. It was rare someone “found” me as I had (still don’t) any understanding of how all this works. 

I do know about algorithms and kinda get it but I’m AGAIN, already over my head as I know the next step is trying to figure out google, how to find interested folks coming to the ArtBonavistaShop site. It was easier for me back in Germany, I actually spent most of my time making stuff but I’m starting to wonder when I’ll be able to do that again. Cuz, thats what I do, I make stuff, not sit here and type a note to gawd knows who out there...

I’m in a Catch-22 position right now. I personally don’t like having ads thrown at me by FB or Insta, yet I’m being told this is what I have to do next to widen the audience. Isn’t there some kind of organic way of growing?